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An attitude of gratitude

Hey friends, 


I hope you enjoyed reading my last blog post on Ikigai explored. This time around, we’re talking about Gratitude.   

According to, Gratitude is a strong feeling of appreciation to someone or something for what the person has done to help you.

 I choose to practice Gratitude daily, and it helps to make each day brighter.  

In the quick four-minute, Ted Talk Below Marlena Brothers Frank shares an Exercise on Gratitude that we can all do now. 

There are many ways to practice Gratitude, and I think it’s something we should all make a daily habit of. 

I am so thankful for all my loyal readers and supporters, and I hope your day has been made a little brighter by reading this post. This is the last post in my TedxTalk series. Exploring Ikiagi, the power of fitness, comfort zones, and imposter syndrome has been fun!

Moving forward, I’ll be sharing something different.


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Stay tuned!

Till next time,

Lots of love 


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