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It’s time to leave your Comfort Zone


Hey friends,


Let’s talk about comfort zones! We all have them, and I guess they are there to make us feel safe. Using the same machines at the gym (or never entering a gym), only visiting places we are familiar with, and never doing something we really wish we dared to do are all forms of comfort. 

 If you haven’t already read my previous blog posts about finding your ikigai and the power of fitness, you can read them here. They cover the themes of purpose and health. This time round, I’m covering growth. 

 The funny thing about comfort zones Is you can make it a personal choice to shift, or life will naturally throw it your way. Bill Eckstrom touches on this point in the Ted Talk below.

 A comfort zone provides many benefits because we can rely on the outcome. However, life Is full of unpredictable circumstances, and if we haven’t stretched ourselves regularly, how will we be prepared for all conditions? 

“Why comfort will ruin your life” (video link) Is the daring title of Bill Eckstrom Ted Talk. Bill shares the disastrous story of how we fired from his job and how it shaped his vision of comfort. He explains the Concept of growth rings and how our environment shapes a role in our growth. The four 4 rings of growth include Stagnation > Order > complexity >Chaos 

which are all very relatable. He further explains the link between predictability and comfort. It’s a tremendous thirteen-minute video with a very moving story at the end. 



I previously shared my experience in 2019 of attending one networking event a month for a whole year. This personal challenge helped me expand my comfort zone when meeting new people and being in different environments, especially as I attended all events alone. You can read all about my experience here.

I use that as an example of a personal choice I made. However, these times life puts us into situations where we must decide whether to sink or swim.  


The best way to go about challenging our comfort zone is to develop a growth mindset that is easier for some than for others. There’s always an area we can grow in, whether it’s fitness, health, communication, etc. If you are 100% happy in every area of your life, then I guess you’ve reached perfection in every area, which is exceptional.

There are a few areas I need to grow in, including getting more comfortable with specific equipment at the gym and making changes to my diet if I want to see better physical results in my health.


Is there any area you need to find a little discomfort in?



Till next time,


Lots of love, Sasha

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