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I went to one Networking Event a month and this is what happened!

By February 28th, 2021Events, Featured
Photo by Sadé Okayla Roache



This week I wanted to share with you guys one of the goals I set for myself last year.

Each year I try and set myself a challenge whether it be financially, physically or just something I’d like to try. As mentioned in my previous blog post “15 things we’ve learnt so far” one of my goals for 2019 was to attend one networking event alone. My main reason for making this a challenge was simply to step out of my comfort zone and possibly meet new like-minded people. 

My current challenge for this year is to read one book a week. I’ve done a few book reviews on some of my favourite book which you can read here

Naturally, I would consider myself a people person and enjoy meeting new people so the challenge of going to one networking event a month wasn’t necessarily something that frightened me although at times when approaching the doors of the event I did anxiously anticipate what I’d be walking into. I found out about all of these events through social media.

Photo by me

Black Girl Fest meets Lush June 2019

Imagine walking alone into the unknown. A few questions that I asked myself were, are people going to be nice? Will they even notice me?

The list of events I went to in 2019 were:

  • Eric x Warner Music – January 
  • My city Podcast – February
  • Curlture UK 5 Years anniversary – March 
  • Black travel creators – May 
  • Afro hair and beauty live – May 
  • Black girl fest x lush – June 
  • Black British creators – August 
  • Borderless Live –Sept
  • Shades of beauty live – Sept
  • Black Girl Fest -October

At these events there was plenty of opportunities to mingle and learn about a variety of topics ranging from the music industry(Warner), the history of Afro-Caribbean hair (Curlture UK), life threaten illnesses (My City Live) and understating opportunities within the travel (Borderless Live). 

Each unique event was a joyful learning experience where I was able to meet and connect with some great people.

I would definitely recommend that you take this on as a challenge for a number of reasons

  1. You will meet new people who do great things and inspire you to be better. Some events had guest speakers who shared their expertise knowledge . 
  2. You will get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Meeting strangers on a regular basis may help you develop your conversational skills.
  3. You may gain a new level of self-confidence. Stepping out of your comfort zone might unlock a new area of confidence you didn’t know you had in you. 

Eric Fest meets Warner Music - January 2019

As I mentioned  it is a little nerve-wracking walking into the unknown alone although once you shake off the initial nerves it’s fine. I mean, ask yourself what’s the worst people are going to do? 

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

I hope this post has inspired you a little.

Till next time,

Lots of love


Feature Image by Photo by Sadé Okayla Roache


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  • Rewo says:

    I love this!! I used to think being uncomfortable is always bad, but now I’m learning it can be an indicator of new learning opportunities

    • CallmeSasha says:

      I’m happy you liked this blog post! Yes, it can create new learning opportunities.I do hope you try it one day. Thanks so much for reading xx

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