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Making experiences better with a personal touch with Clije

Hey everyone,

As most of you know already, I’m a huge fan of exploring and creating new adventures, whether it is’ travelling, discovering a new book or anything in between. Looking through my blog you’ll notice I’m always sharing my new experiences and things I’ve learned.

This week I wanted to write about how you can make your post-quarantine experiences even more exciting by introducing your friends and family to something new. A new and exclusive nonalcoholic drink, It’s all about adding your own personal.

People will always remember the first time you introduced them to something different. What can make things even more special is when you make it unique. If you like to use natural fruit drinks as a chaser this is the drink for you.

 Clije is a luxury tailor-made drinks brand that is designed to provide a luxury experience. It is a mixer than can be added to your favourite alcohol drink of choice.

It has a premium taste with its own unique blend. Tailor-made is their Slogan (tailor-made to complement your occasion and lifestyle) (Source

Adding a personal touch makes things so much more memorable. The hotel you visit that leaves a mint on your pillow before they turn down your room for the evening. That restaurant you visit that only serves drinks in a specific coloured glass. These are just a few examples of how things are memorable with just a small gesture in place.

I got the opportunity to try a drink by this London based drinks brand and it was enchanting. If you like drinks that are sweet, soft with a hint of summer fruits this is the drink for you. I decided to create a refreshing mocktail with pineapple juice as I didn’t have any alcohol around and it was amazing.


The best thing about Clije is that you can have it on it’s own. Select a drink or a few drinks of your choice and create your own magic. This is a great way to create an unforgettable moment with your loved ones. You can purchase your drink and find out more about the beverage on their website


Do you have a favorite drink mixture?

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know below.

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