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What happened at Warner Music meets Eric Festival…

By December 26th, 2019Events

Thank you for returning to read my blog.

So, this week, I wanted to share with you my experience at Warner. On the 23rd of January, I had the pleasure of visiting Warner Bros Studios in Kensington with the help of Eric Festival. I wasn’t too sure what to expect of the evening, I knew networking would be involved and some food that was about it.
For those who aren’t familiar with Warner music group, they amongst one of the “Big three” music recording companies in the music industry. Some of the many Artists under Warner management are Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, to name a few.

Swarzy Macaly was the host for the evening and did a great job of creating lively audience engagement throughout the evening.


The event was split into several parts which consisted of:
• a greeting from the Senior Manager Talent Kelly Stone
• a chance to hear from the current apprentices working at Warner
• a talk from the different departments/labels at Warner and chance to find out how they work
• an inspiring presentation from comedian Reuben Christian
• a break out session which enabled us to have one on one chats with each department over some pizza
• an exclusive surprise interview with the creator of Disturbing London Dumi Oburota

(Can I just say how on point are my journalism skills? I didn’t even make any notes on this day. One time for my memory.)

One thing that predominantly stood out to me was the presentation from Reuben.

He created a very thought-provoking presentation on what I would call the journey to success. Using the examples of Beyoncé and Anthony Joshua, Reuben explained how, ultimately, teamwork is a huge factor in the success of one person.

An instrumental piece of advice that he shared was how having an accountability team amongst a group of his friends helped him stay on track with his creative goals. I think it’s a great idea to have a group of goal-driven friends that you can meet up with on a consistent basis that can coach, monitor and push you towards following through with your goals.

Overall it was an enlightening event, and I’m delighted I have had the experience. Thank you to Eric Festival for the opportunity. Check them out guys!
Till next week,

Lots of love


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