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Let’s Talk about your Ikigai

Sasha Ikigai

Hey friends,


Welcome to July!

I decided to take a mini-break in June, my birthday month, but I’m back now. Recently I started a new routine. As part of that routine, I stumbled across this twelve-minute Ted Talk about your Ikigai from the Ultra talented Canadian Jazz singer Tim Tamashiro. I first heard about Ikigai in February while reading Confident and killing it by Tiwalola Ogunlesi. This book was a Christmas gift from a friend, and I’m happy I didn’t wait too long to pick it up. It’s a very hands-on book/workbook that requires you to get involved and dig deeper. I love it!

Interestingly, while on the topic of Ted Talk, I also attended a TedxWomen event at the Saddlers Wells Theatre in February Angel in London. You can read all about my experience here. 


Tim gives a very brief yet detailed insight into Ikigai in this video. Its origin is from the Japanese town of Okinawa, where the martial art Sport Karate was discovered. He describes the word Ikigai as a treasure map with four directions. He explains the difference between a job & work and breaks down the formula for Ikigai.

In Short-  Ikigai = Your Purpose


I wrote a blog post back in 2021 called “What to do when you have no clue”. It was a suggestion from a friend who felt a little stuck about which direction to take in life, and had I known what I know now back then that would’ve been a completely different blog post. However, it’s still full of gems. 

Tim’s formula is – Ikigai = Time affluence + gifts + rewards

This is a fantastic formula; if you have the time and determination to figure it out, you have magic in your hands.

Your Ikigai Is unique to you!

My Ikigai is to create and connect, which is part of why I started this blog in 2019. I’m so happy to still be here blogging. Thanks to God! Thank you also so much to my loving friends and loyal readers. I may turn this into a miniseries of my favorite Ted Talks. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Do you know your Ikigai?

Till next,

Lots of love


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  • Tan says:

    Love this post! As a growth mindset girlie who is on her journey to self discovery this has come at a perfect time. Keep the posts coming x

    • CallmeSasha says:

      Aww I’m happy to hear you enjoyed this post & that the timing was in sync for your personal journey. Let’s keep discovering! Thanks for the support girl. Xx

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