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Building healthy habits -My reasons why you should pick up a book this year

By December 18th, 2022Lifestyle

A wise man once said “Everyday we must aim to be 1% Better!”

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This month I wanted to write about why reading is an amazing healthy habit and share some advice on how you can get started. If you’ve read my about me page and browsed through my blog, you’ll know that I am somewhat of a bookworm. Reading is a hobby I’ve had since childhood, it’s my favourite form of escapism and I greatly enjoy discovering new authors and topics. I believe reading has helped shaped my perception of life, focus my daily routine and deepen my level of thinking amongst the many other benefits. 


I recently read this amazing quote in the 15 invaluable laws of growth by John C Maxwell that states “You are the same today that you are going to be five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read.”- Charles Jones


 I think reading is important for so many reasons but mainly because it nourishes your mind. If you’re reading the correct books, it can help you gain wisdom and who doesn’t want to be wiser? Reading may not be the easiest habit to form as we live in a hectic society filled with loads of daily demands. Although if determined it can be worked into part of your daily routine. It’s all about finding a topic you are interested in and simply starting with just fifteen minutes of reading a day. If the book you’re reading is incredible you probably won’t even notice how fast the time goes by.

There are so many benefits to reading, as I was brainstorming about the benefits I’ve gained from forming this healthy habit. Here’s what I discovered reading generates:

  1. New perspectives being cultivated –A great book could ultimately be life-changing for you as it may challenge you to reconsider your outlook on life and expand some on your potentially limiting beliefs.
  2. Building Discipline – if you have a busy lifestyle, reading is something you have to be intentional about doing and this requires discipline. You may have to plan out your day to have an allotted time dedicated to reading. This may not be easy at first but in time it can get easier. There’s also the option of listening to books via audiobooks. 
  3. The potential to learn new words – This point is pretty self-explanatory. The more you read. The more likely you are to expand your vocabulary. 
  4. A better communicator – when you’ve read a few good books, you now have more value to add to conversations. Similar to travelling and other hobbies, you will possess the ability to connect with people on a different level. 


The biggest benefit of all is that it is a low-cost Hobby. The majority of books are very inexpensive. There are also a variety of reading platforms such as Scribd and Amazon Kindle that have many offers available which sometimes enable you to read for free or at a very cheap monthly cost. 

Here are my top five favourite books (it was really hard to pick just five) I think these books will really help you get started with reading, they are truly great reads. I’ve attached a link to my book reviews from my previous blog posts, so you can explore each book in further detail. 


I hope you’ve been inspired to pick up a book. We are all busy beings though I’m sure you’ve heard someone say “If something is important to you, time will be made for it.” I mean, God created the Earth in seven days we can find fifteen in within the twenty-four-hour day to better ourselves through reading. (this is a reminder to myself as well)


Thank you for reading!

Till next time 

Lots of love,



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  • Tobi says:

    This is very interesting as I’ve always found it hard to stay engaged when reading books, I think you’ve made some good points on why it’s so important to read and expand your knowledge! Going to push myself to start getting in to the habit of reading and maybe it will be a new hobble that I start to enjoy xx

    • CallmeSasha says:

      Hey Tobi, Thanks so much for reading my post.I’m happy you find it interesting.aww fab i really do hope you adopt this amazing habit! xx

  • Denise says:

    Some very good points made here. I also love reading and definitely see some of these benefits from it. Keep up the blog posts – would love to see more recommendations from you in the future x

    • CallmeSasha says:

      Hey Denise, I’m glad to hear you love reading too and have seen the benefits for yourself.Thank you so much for your support, I greatly appreciate it.xx

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