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CallmeSasha’s Book Series– Personal Development

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Welcome back

This week I wanted to share with you the books I have read that have assisted in helping me redefine my core values and what I choose to prioritise in my life, Following on from last week’s post on my favourite three books that can help you build self Confidence.

These three Personal Development books have helped me to challenge my personal growth and rethink my core values and work to ensure my life is going in line with what I believe and stand for.

I think personal development is an area that is important for everyone because we have all been raised with a specific set of core values and beliefs. Although sometimes we don’t do much to exercise and expand these values.

Here are three of my favourite Personal development books:


1.   Make Today Count by John C Maxwell. This book is pure gold, and I regularly re-read it because no matter what phase of life I’m at, the words remain relevant. Maxwell focuses on 12 core areas of life and dissects how we could be more disciplined in each area. I don’t want to give too much away with some of the areas being Family, Faith, Health and finance, to name a few. My main take away from this book is to “Always strive for excellence”. I think it’s a statement that we can apply in every area of our lives.

2.   YOLO by Jason Vitug – I love this book. This book is the perfect beginner guide to navigating your life and finances. Not only does Vitug challenge us to think smart about how we use our money, but he also reinforces the fact that our spending should be in line with our Life goals. My main take away from this book was that ultimately it’s not our salary that is hindering us from having the life you want. It’s our financial decisions that determine our life.

3.   10 Hollywood Commandments by Devon Franklin – This book is mainly based around “the workplace” and how to maneuver your career as a Christian in a secular industry. Although It is certainly worth a read for anyone who wants to build longevity in their career with integrity. Each chapter uncovers a different layer of how our character can be strengthened. My main take away from this book was the quote– If you want to go far, go alone but if you want to go fast go together. This is a subtle reminder that Your faith and religion isn’t a hindrance to you, and the power of collaboration is essential.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s blog post.

Till next week,

Lots of love,


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