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Book Review – Charlamagne Tha God Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It

By February 11th, 2021Featured, Lifestyle

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Hey Everyone,

This week I wanted to write or should I say share something a little different. As you should know by now, I absolutely love reading. For my regular readers, you will know I have previously talked a little about books that have helped me grow in confidence and self-development. Though more recently, I have started reading more autobiography books. My book for the month of October was “Charlamagne Tha God Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It”.

To be very honest I was somewhat surprised and impressed to learn about Lenard Larry McKelvey aka Charlamagne’s route to radio and overall life success. Without sharing too much, I wanted to touch on what I thought made this book such an exciting read.

Now we all know Charlamagne from “the breakfast club” and his various “beefs” with other celebrities. Though the interview that made me want to pick up this book was when he sat down with the cast of “Girlfriends” shortly after their reunion episode for Blackish.

I think he did such a great job getting all the answers us girlfriends’ fans desperately wanted to know about the show. Anyways about the book.

Drugs, Alcohol, Guns, Substance abuse and Sex are just a few of the many topics discussed in the book. The real question is, How u go from living in a trailer park in South Carolina to hosting the hottest radio breakfast show in New York?

If you want an image of what Charlemagne was like as a Kid, I will describe him (based off his book) Tariq from Power times ten. Aside from the wealthy lifestyle, Tariq was provided, Charlemange grew up almost the total opposite in a Trailer park in South Carolina.


I think it’s fair to say he was a naturally a smart kid that made the stupidest choices. Choices that sometimes landed him in jail. The stories Charlemagne shares in the book literally left my jaw dropped open from how shockingly and incredibly dumb they were.
I would certainly recommend this book to any black boy or girl (or person) globally who has a dream of doing something that is different from the disenfranchise environment they were brought up in. The chapter of the book I like most is tilted “Fuck your Dreams” simply because this is where I think the most growth in his character happens.

Overall, he shares a lot in the book. We learn about how the name Charlemagne came about and how the Five percentages helped him see the god in Himself. There’s so much to take away from this book. I think his ability to build relationships is a strong asset to his success. He even shares his thought process in the decision to marry his wife. Which I think is so beautiful. We do kind of see a soft side to him here. The biggest business tips I learnt from the book was probably the power of honesty in business.


What I appreciate is that he has a strong awareness of self. Reading the book, you’ll understand what I mean by this. Also, he’s a Cancer just like me. (I can’t justify why this is relevant information. It just it lol)

I hope my mini overview has given you a little nudge to read the book.

Till next time,

Lots of Love

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To Purchase the book,Click here and Enjoy 🙂

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