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Top 3 Beyoncé performances that shook the world!

By June 7th, 2020Lifestyle

Hello Everyone,

As a member of the Beyhive and a superfan, who has seen Beyonce live in concert five times in five different locations across the globe. (Slight exaggeration, I’ve been to Paris once to see her. The other occasions were all in the UK.) I think it’s only right that I dedicate a blog post to reminding and highlighting the reasons why Beyoncé has and will forever hold the crown and the title for most hard-working, charismatic, bold, fearless and talented female music artist ever to grace this planet.

Now…Do you remember back in 2008 when Beyonce shared the stage with The legendary Tina Turner at the 50th annual Grammy awards for a surprise performance of “Proud Mary”?
Or can you remember her Epic performance of “run the world” at the Billboard music awards in 2011 when she came into the crowd and had everyone on their feet? Alternatively, and most recently do you remember watching the 2019 Homecoming Coachella performance and getting Goosebumps?

I’m sure you can remember one if not all three of these ground-breaking moments in Beyoncé’s career.

Here are my top 3 favourite Beyoncé moments (in no specific order) which not only showcase why she is a queen but also demonstrate that your fav could never.

    •  X Factor – Alexandra burke 2008 – for those of us living in the UK. A moment we can never forget was when she came out to do a duet with North London born X factor contestant Alexandra Burke for the “X factor show in 2008. The moment she stepped onto the stage and started to sing intensified everything about the competition. In that moment watching the two of them preform “Listen” from the Dreamgirls soundtrack was the absolute epitome of Black girl magic and women supporting women at its finest. Beyoncé came to support Alexandra, and this magical duet brought Alexandra the victory of winning the show. Once Beyoncé arrived, there was no longer any competition.


    • Superbowl half time show 2013 – Not only did Beyoncé pay homage to the late and great Michael Jackson with her choice of outfit, but she shocked us all and brought back Destiny’s child. The Superbowl 2013 half time show was an unforgettable performance, held in New Orleans and televised worldwide the 25-minute long performance opened with crazy in love. She sang through all her classics from End of Time, Baby boy to Halo. To add to the fantastic showcase, she was backed up by her all All-female girl crew which consisted of a band of dancers, guitarists, drummers and back up singers. That performance left us speechless.


  • Love on top performance – Blu ivy baby bump reveal –MTV VMA 2011 –Last but not least certainly has be the legendary reveal of her baby bump. This performance shocked us all. Queen Bee has never been one to address the rumours and the blogs. After her performance of “Love on top”, she had a surprise for the whole world. Once her performance came to an end, She flipped her hair, Drop the mic and unbuttoned her blazer, rubbed her pregnant belly. The camera pans to her proud husband Jay Z and friend at the Time Kanye west. The overall Audience reaction was just epic.

I think it’s fair to say that when it comes to Beyonce, you never know what’s coming next from her. She extremely innovated and always evolving. From her self titled “Beyonce” visual album release in 2013, the Regal images published for her “Ms Cater show world tour” concert to her sultry performance of “Drunk in Love” & “Rocket” at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Let’s not forget Lion King also.

It was exceptionally hard to narrow down my top 3 performances.

Do you have a favourite Beyoncé moment?
Leave a comment and let me know!

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