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CallmeSasha Miami

Did you know? One of the first ever Burger King store was opened in Miami!


Hey Friends,

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my trip to Atlanta. I had a great time writing about the trip and sharing the memories on this blog. This time around, we are going to Miami. This destination is perfect for groups!

I visited Miami in May 2018 and stayed at the Hyatt centric located in South Beach. It was a very cute small boutique hotel located on the quiet end of the strip. Like Mexico, Las Vegas, and Atlanta, Miami has many hotel options. It comes down to a matter of preference for location and price.

CallmeSasha Miami

Wynwood Walls

You have the option of staying on south beach or Miami Beach. These two are the most popular locations, although there are many other locations across Miami that you may fancy. I can’t mention Miami without mentioning the Fontainebleau hotel. This is the go-to for most celebrities. When they visit Miami during spring break, they have the lives indoor club parties and outdoor pool events.


Fantastic weather, great food, lively parties, and celebrities are just a few of the many things that make Miami so appealing. Everyone needs to experience going to Miami at least once in their lives. I would say this location is for a younger crowd, 18 – 30.

Wynwood Walls, Miami, Calmesasha

Wynwood Walls

There is a wide selection of restaurants on the Miami beach strip. I visited sugar factory and a few other great food spots. Aside from the parties and restaurants, you can also visit Brickell, and the Art Deco area.

During my trip I visited Wynwood walls and I recommend you should too if you ever visit Miami. It a street art Museum filled with creative, colourful and bold art work.

The best time to visit is during the summer, spring break or Memorial weekend. You’ll find crowded streets and bars full of people during these periods. In Miami, you can never run out of finding a place to party.


If great weather and good vibes are your thing. Visit Miami. You won’t regret it!


Till next time!

Lots of love,



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