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Hey Friends,

I recently got back from my trip to Atlanta, USA. I spent a total of six days and five nights there. Visiting America is always a good time. You can also read about my previous trips to New York and Las Vegas on my blog. I have also visited Chicago and Miami, making my trip to Atlanta the fifth occasion I have visited the States.

Atlanta CallmesashaOn Thursday the 23rd, I flew with British Airways, and the flight time was about eight hours and went by quickly. Once I landed, I checked into the hotel with my cousin, where we stayed for the first two nights of my trip.

 Looking for a hotel in Atlanta takes work; there are so many locations to pick from, and Atlanta is huge. Springhill Suites was my third and final hotel choice based on the following: it was close to a few landmarks, they have a pool and gym and they offer free breakfast. (breakfast is included in the reservation fee)

Atlanta is a city in the state of Georgia. I have to clarify this because I did not know this (hides face in embarrassment ). Many of us have the impression that it is a state, as TV has made shows focused solely on life and living in Atlanta. There are many cities in Georgia. The largest five are Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Atlanta, and Augusta.

I was looking forward to this trip, which did not disappoint. Shopping malls, restaurants, and activities, my days were packed with non-stop action. Shout out to my cousins for showing me a good time. I have snippets of my trip on my Instagram highlights and daily vlogs on my Tiktok.

Here are just a few of the exciting things I did while In Atlanta.

Atlanta CallmesashaSkyview Atlanta

This is the equivalent of what we have in London, the London Eye and goes around four times. We visited on a Saturday evening, and the wait time was about an hour, although it flew by quickly. I’d recommend this experience as you can see so much of the city and take loads of photos for memories with different landmarks in the far distance. The CNN tower, Centennial 

Olympic Park and the football hall of Fame are just a few locations you can see from here. 

Atlanta Botanical gardens

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens are gorgeous! The weather on the day I visited was glorious. It felt like a hot summer’s day in the middle of March. The exhibitions are individually interesting, and there is much to capture on camera. Comfortable shoes must be worn as there is a lot of walking involved. (I almost wore heels)

I recommend visiting even if you are not into Gardens. It is a great day out. I also believe there are a few other locations globally.

Piedmont park

Piedmont Park is located right next door to the gardens. It is a picturesque Urban park. It is well known for hosting community events and festivals. This park is probably the largest one I have ever visited. It’s huge. Tennis, live music, volleyball, walking your dog, a picnic. You name it. It can be done here. We rented scooters and rode around the park in the warm evening breeze. It was a lovely evening out. 

Atlanta CallmesashaI visited the Bando, Pascha, the juicy crab, Flavor-rich, Twin perks, Tequila Mama Taqueria Restaurants. 

Restaurants to try – mod- Ish, toast on Lennox, Polaris rotating restaurant and Seafood, sea salt, Cirque Blu Seafood House.I have so many more if you plan on visiting Atlanta, give me a shout.

I always visited Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the USA.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my trip to Atlanta.

Till next time,

Lots of love


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