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I visited Antalya in Turkey – Here’s everything you need to know!

Hey friends,

I’m back! I know, I know, it’s been ages but the main is I am back. I am here! Welcome back to my blog.

I visited Antalya In Turkey for the first time at the end of November and I just have to share all the details with you about the trip. I went for my friend’s birthday celebration and she made sure she had an itinerary that was full of Turkey’s finest activities. For those of you who are counting along with me, Turkey makes destination twenty-two of all the places I’ve visited abroad. Earlier this year I went to Mexico in May and I also went to Mykonos In June for my birthday. ( I really should do a blog post about that trip too.)

Our flight was on Friday the 25th of November and we stayed for a total of four nights. Surprisingly the weather at that time of year was pretty decent, it was about twenty degrees which meant the sun was shining during the day and you only need a very light jacket for the evenings.

Paloma Perissia was the name of our lovely hotel. It is located in Side which is not very close to the main town of Antalya. It’s about a good hour into the main town. I’m doing a hotel tour via TikTok (stay tuned for that)

Let’s talk pros about this hotel-  the staff were lovely, super helpful, and spoke English well. The cleaning standards were also good. Fresh towels and sheets were frequently provided. Options for food were great as well. I believe that have a total of four different eating areas and three different bar locations spread across the entirety of the hotel. This was amazing for us as we were all-inclusive and enjoyed the wide selection of options available.

The cons – the food was not to my liking. Yes, they had so many options I stayed all-inclusive in Mexico and I found that the food was a lot better in Mexico than it was in Turkey. I am not a fan of batch-cooked food. One thing that I can say was great was that the kitchen staff did make freshly made pizza using a stone oven.

When you do visit Antalya you will most certainly not run out of things to do. We spent one evening at The land of legends where we dined at Nemo restaurant. The plan was to also watch the Chimera Fountain show although sadly it was missed. There is an abundant number of things to do there. I’d defiantly suggest taking a visit.

In addition to this, we also did a day trip of a few of the popular landmarks of Antalya This trip included a Ride on the Tunektepe Teleferik cable cars, the lower Duden Waterfalls, a tour of the old town, a visit to a jewellery store and a boat trip of the Mediterranean sea. I believe TripAdvisor and Viator are filled with many of these experiences.

All in all, it was a pretty chilled trip filled with a great balance of relaxation and adventure. I’m not too sure what the nightlight is like though I have heard some great things about it. If you like to know more information such as the total cost of my trip, I’m happy to share it in the comments.

I’m so happy to be back and aim to have a new blog post every two weeks. I’ve got so much to share and look forward to chatting with you all.


Till next time,

Sasha x



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