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Come with me to Mykonos

By December 31st, 2022Featured, Travel

Hey Friends,


Welcome back! This week I wanted to share with you my birthday trip to Mykonos, Greece which was earlier this year in June. If you haven’t already, please check out my previous blog post about my trip to Turkey ,Antalya in November.


My friend and I spent four nights at the lovely Osom resort. The place Is Serenity! It’s a boutique resort with only 20 rooms spread across the resort. Mykonos hands-down has to be one of the most stunning places I have ever visited. The landscape of the island is so beautifully spacious filled with beaches, rocky road paths and bright coloured buildings. The weather was a pleasant 28 degrees, the food was impeccable and service at every place we visited was top tier.

As this trip was for my birthday we did a combination chilled and exploring activities. The night we landed we went straight to 180 sunset bar which has the most picturesque view of the whole island. It is an outdoor venue with seating  available to view the island in all its glory. Although we didn’t have a meal here, food and drink options are available and I believe it’s better to make a reservation in advance.

Advice for the girlies – if you are going here or anywhere in Mykonos I would advise you wear a pair of cute flat sandals. This was our first night out experience and we struggled to walk (I mean really struggled) to get about in our heels as the ground is very rocky and the footpaths are uneven.

Later that night we visited Tabu nightclub which is located on the main strip in little Venice. This spot is the place to be! As well as playing great R & B and Afrobeat music, they have great drinks and Shisha available.

When it comes to beach clubs, there is an unlimited amount of choices to pick from. I used TikTok to do some research on where the best place to go was and Santanna came out on top. This place was amazing, there was options of sunbeds available that come at a great price (I don’t mean affordable) if you are planning on going to Mykonos, this is the part where I have to tell you, it is not a cheap destination.


Be prepared to spend a lot of money, after all this is a place where people of affluence come to have a great time, relax and indulge in the Greek sun. The exclusivity of the island comes at a cost.  We spent the whole day here and had the best time, we did shots, had Shisha, enjoyed the beach and sun-beds. It was awesome. This beach club also has an amazing restaurant, the food was impeccable. You can see the highlights here.


The last two days to follow were a lot more chilled. The next day we visited little Venice to do some sightseeing. This location is well known for the sea, colourful buildings and large windmill. (it’s pretty much the location that come’s up when you google Mykonos) the town of little Venice is filled with restaurants, Souvenir shops and high end luxury designer stores such as Louis Vuitton and off white to name a few. For the make-up girls, they also have a Sephora.

Later that night we visited Top story nightclub. The DJ they had on this night understood the assignment.  He consistently played track after track which had everyone excited. The majority of the evening afrobeat’s was played and everyone had a really great vibe. The set up and design of the club, is gorgeous, although it is very small.


The last day was a pretty chilled we spent by the pool. Sharing this experience has really made me relive it all over again. It was an amazing fun filled trip. We also Tried Souvlaki on our first day which is a traditional Greek snack. It was a really nice and I’d recommended you try it, when you visit Greece.


Check out my other birthday trip posts here. I hope you’ve enjoyed reliving this experience with me. If you have any question about my trip. Please feel free to ask.


Till next time.

Lots of love Sasha


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