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3 things you must do when you visit Cancun (photos included)

By December 4th, 2022Travel
Callmesasha Cancun

Hey Friends!

Welcome back to my blog.
On the 21st of May 2022, I went to Mexico with my cousin. Cancun to be precise. The trip was awesome and I made some lovely memories that will last a lifetime. Mexico is such a vibrant country, filled with great food, beautiful scenery, and interesting people. My eight-day-long trip had a unique schedule filled with something different to do each day. Day 1 was spent relaxing at the hotel pool bar and on day two we went on an amazing sailing trip to De Isla Mujeres which took us through the tropical Caribbean Sea. The start of the trip was glorious, although t’s the rest ofa this exciting adventure I really wanted to share with you in more detail. Here are three things you must do when you visit Cancun.

You must go to Taboo.

You know when someone asks you “where’s the party at?” it’s here! Taboo is a Mediterranean restaurant with an amazing twist. It feels like you’re inside of an exclusive private members-only nightclub. This extravagant cave-like restaurant design feels very interment yet vibrant and the lovely staff are very attentive. At Taboo you’ll be met with a saxophonist and a live DJ  playing a variety of popular club hits while you enjoy your meal. (the DJ even mixed in a cheeky bit of Afrobeats which added a nice touch to the atmosphere).The food is tasty too, I had the mini slider burger. The whole restaurant is situated on the deck of the sea. As you can imagine the view was amazing. See more on TikTok

Book tickets for Cocobongos show and Disco.

This is a show that should not be missed. It’s crazy, wacky, and just full of surprises. This is a live-action show that requires a great amount of audience participation. Prepare yourself to expect the unexpected. I don’t want to give too much away but you can check out my TikTok to get a glimpse of what it’s all about. Before you head to the show be sure to have a few drinks on the strip. Coco bongo Cancun is located right in the middle of the strip. You are spoilt for the choice of where to have drinks. Every bar is popping. See more on My TikTok

Visit the Cancun sign at Playa Defines beach.

This is certainly something worth seeing. It’s something you can check off your bucket list once done. My trip to visit this sign was unique I used the public bus. The 10-minute journey cost me about 12pesos.

A few other things to note…
Speaking of pesos, when changing your currency, it may work in your favor to exchange dollars as they are also used in Mexico. (you may also get a better exchange rate.)
When selecting a hotel to stay in be sure to find out the distance from the main strip and other locations as this will determine how soon you can to places, of course, if you plan on staying in your resort for the majority of your trip. Although my hotel was amazing, the journey to the strip took a good fifteen minutes in a taxi and that journey time was extended if there was traffic.

Be sure to try Tequila! It’s what Mexico is widely known for and they have so many different flavors. Also, if you can, Go to Tulum! I didn’t get the chance to on my trip although I’ve heard and seen nothing but great things.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post. Till next time

Lots of love
CallmeSasha x




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