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Heart and Hustle: Use Your Passion. Build Your Brand. Achieve Your Dreams – Book Review

Hey everyone,

My book for the month of December was titled “Heart and hustle” by YouTuber Patricia Bright. Although anyone who is familiar with Patricia will know she’s more than just a Youtuber. Through using YouTube as a platform she managed to grow and maintain many thriving business deals and fantastic opportunities for herself.

Her book was released on the 21st of January 2019 and I thought to myself this is a very smart and interesting business move for her and I’d love to understand how she’s navigated her journey. Since starting her channel in 2009 we’ve seen many areas of her life ranging from her marriage, motherhood, sisterhood and also videos in which she shares advice as well as lifestyle tips. Ultimately I think what’s made her stand out and be very successful though It all is a combination of two things, the first factor being her consistency and the second is her willingness to share and open up her life to the world.

Without giving to much away here is a mini book review. Firstly, I must say this book really surprised me and I do have a newfound respect for Patricia, she is a true hustler. One thing I found very interesting was her work ethic in her teenage years, her upbringing and family background. It’s in these areas we see her “hustle” is developed. She shares with us her hustle from her childhood, teenage years, early days at university and into the start of YouTube career.


From reading this book It’s apparent that Patricia is very business-minded, see first-hand the blueprint of her success which consists of her attitude towards her work and thought process when producing content. She understands her “why” using her “heart” she loves what she does.

What was interesting to read was her journey from working in the financial sector to becoming a full-time self-employed YouTuber. Mrs Bright shares stories of her day as an employee and it’s pleasing to read about her decision to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

My greatest take away from this book was learning the amount of money an average start-up business needs and also why it’s always important to start with something.

From this book, it’s very clear that just like me, Patricia is an optimist who always sees the cup as half full. She continually strives to be a better version of herself.
Reading this book, you’ll Get to know Patricia on a more personal level. I would recommend this book to people who aspire to start and grow any type of business and needs an encouraging source of inspiration.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of this book.
Till next time, Lots of love,

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  • Thanks for posting this review. Patricia Bright is a fave of mine! It’s so funny that I’ve just rounded up this book my self and I’m getting ready to write my review!


    • CallmeSasha says:

      Hey Madeline,
      You’re welcome! Thank you for reading my blog.
      That’s amazing. I Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the book. xx

  • Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  • I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for putting up.

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