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What happened in Madrid?

By December 26th, 2019Travel
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Hey everyone,

In August 2018, I visited Madrid. (At this point you should know I am low-key following Ashanti around the world.) After seeing her amazing Instagram pictures in Madrid, I thought, why not book a trip. Easyjet holidays is my go-to for inexpensive packaged holiday deals because it simply does all the work for me. All I have to do is add breakfast and maybe adjust flight times.


As I decided to go in August, which is considered peak time due to the school holidays, my main priority when making the booking was the price. I found a great deal for about £200pp flights, hotel and breakfast for three nights.


The purpose of the trip was to simply explore and relax. I was actually a bit saddened to find out that Madrid doesn’t have a beach. It’s Spain and considering it is the capital, you’d think it would have a beach however it’s not such a big deal.

The city of Madrid is very vibrant, and Sol is the main area where it’s all happening they have a huge Sephora store right by the station. I travelled with my travel buddy aka “my cousin”, and when we landed, we spent the first day exploring and taking in the city. We were a bit disappointed with the lack of food choices and options available all the restaurant sold the same basic tourist type meals. Although on the plus side if you need clothes, there is an abundance of clothing stores available.

I Believe this Picture was taken by the hotel staff at Radio ME Madrid


Things to do

In terms of things to do. When I travel, I always like to visit at least one historic landmark, and this trip was no exception.

We visited the Royal Palace of Madrid, which was a really lovely experience and El Retio park.

We also to Urban Hotel’s Rooftop restaurants for cocktails which were terrific they have a wide selection of food and drink option available. The hotel overall is Stunning, very modern with a unique design, and I would highly recommend going there.


I wouldn’t say Madrid is the best place for nightlife if I’m honest. They have a few bars and clubs which do their best to create a bubbly atmosphere, but if you’re coming to Madrid, I won’t break out my party shoes. A place where you can catch a cute vibe is a Me Radio Rooftop.

Getting around in Madrid was very simple, I would say the Metro would be the best method of transportation as it’s reasonably fast, easy to use and it was somewhat clean too. We Stayed at Novotel Madrid Puente La Paz Novotel, which was some distance from the centre of Madrid so I would certainly recommend booking the Novotel in the city centre or a hotel in that area.

Overall I would say Madrid Is a very inexpensive city you can travel too though I wouldn’t suggest you put it at the top of your travel list. Check out my Barcelona post here, and I would highly recommend taking a trip there.


Beautiful Gardens @ El Retiro Park

Till next week,

Lots of Love


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