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Six places you must visit in Marbella

By December 26th, 2019Featured, Travel
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Hey everyone,

I visited Marbella for my birthday in June this year with my cousin and two friends, and it was phenomenal. We spent four nights at a cute little apartment hotel, and the girls can’t wait to go back.  I knew Marbella was known for its lavish villas and expansive nightlife, but after doing more research, I was amazed but just how much more could be done.

If you’re looking for a destination that is perfect for a Baecation, group trip or solo trip, Marbella Is the place to go.Here a list of 6 things I did in Marbella and would certainly recommend you do as well.

1.   Puerto Banās –  This is the place to be. Puerto Banās has it all, and if you’re looking for great cocktails, places to eat, cocktails, beach clubs and vibrant nightlight, this is a hot spot. There is always something to do here day or night. It’s a prime location for designer stores and high-end shopping during the day. You can walk across the Marina and take in the fantastic views of all the yachts and the picturesque sea. There’s also a 24-hour supermarket located in the centre of the area that is super convenient for any last-minute needs additionally it’s situated by a Taxi rank.


2.   News Café – This is the number one place to go when it comes to consistent hip hop and RnB music. The DJ’s at this club are great and play the most current tracks. They even played a few afrobeat tracks. The club itself is very sleek and classy, it has two floors and a few areas sectioned off for party reservations. Admission to this club was free on a Monday night at 11 pm. Although I believe from a specific time, they begin to charge for entry.




3.   Sisu Boutique –  Sisu was the complete highlight of my trip. Located in Puerto Banus, this hotel held the best pool party ever hosted by Fatmanscoop. The pool area had so many distinctive features that made it the perfect location for a party. I completely fell in love with all the rose Petals, neon lights and pink heart-shaped floats. I would certainly recommend going to a pool party here.



4.   La Sala – if you’re looking for an exciting place to eat and want to stick to a reasonable budget, La Sala is the place to go. Once again located in Puerto Banus, They have a wide selection of menus to choose from at amazing prices. I found out about La Sala via Instagram and wasn’t disappointed when I went. I had the best club sandwich ever, and their range of cocktails are fantastic. The service was also outstanding too.


5.   Amare Beach Hotel – located in Marbella this hotel is certainly a place you must visit, it’s ridiculously fabulous. My main reason for visiting here was to take pictures are their rooftop bar. The views are from the rooftop are incredible. A live musician was performing, and the overall atmosphere was very chilled yet sophisticated.


6.   Fly Blue Gran Catamarán –  I Found out about this cruise online through trip advisor. Located on the docks of the beach In Marbella, this is a very reasonably priced cruise. For a single 30 minute trip, it costs  8.50 return and for 15.00. The cruise leaves about every thirty minutes from Marbella to Puerto Banus. You can find out more here:



I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and will hopefully visit these places on your visit to Marbella.


Til next week,

Lots of love,


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  • Great read, I’ve never heard off Marbella until you mentioned it. Would you say its solo-travel friendly or is it more for group holidays/baecation

    • CallmeSasha says:

      Hey Rico, Thanks so much for reading my post. Aww Marbella is a cute little part of Spain. It is somewhere that could potentially make a great solo trip though I would say it’s a great place to experience with someone. xx

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